Daniel Fabbris/Teambuilding

I am a certified economy consultant, coach and startup trainer.
I studied economy- psychology and outdoor education, which are the basis of my work with innovativ and international companies.

The collective resources in the whole world are formed by new education, learnings and changing processes.

The success of organisations, companies and NGOs makes me happy. I like it to see young people growing up to successful entrepreneurs. Its my passion to motivate and develope people who think positiv and learn to work smart before hard.

My experiences are made by doing. In theory and practice i create some forms of seminars and consulting tools who are successful for everybody. Company or privat, doesn´t matter. 

As a elitesoldier in a special force and past boxing champion, i know about the mindset of winners, how to create success and how to get goals motivated. With german quality standards, i can help in different cases. I learnd from the best entrepreneurs of the world: Sir Richard Branson, Werner von Siemens, Warren Buffet, Carsten Maschmeyer, Wladimir Klitschko, Wolfgang Grupp, Anthony Robbins and by my experiences. 

My hobbies are different sport (like golf, hikking, diving), reading, coaching, cooking, networking.

“be the change what you want to see in the world”

– Gandhi –